Haters Gonna Hate

This week, I read Cathy N. Davidson’s article “Humanities 2.0: Promises, Perils, Predictions”  which was all about the inequality between the humanities and the technological age and how both need to be able to coexist. While I do see Davidson’s point, I honestly believe that the humanities are something that need recognize that while technology does enhance it, it is fully capable of being a force of nature on its own (I know that the humanities are not a physical being, but that is really the only way I feel like I can express my opinion.). While there are some humanists out there making the necessary connections between advancing technology and the humanities, many are not and spinning a tale of “woe is me” and lamenting about the ignorance of the technological age towards the humanities. What I say is this: buck up and recognize the fact that you’re better than everything else in the whole wide world.  😉

In relation to my undergrad studies, I can totally see where Davidson is coming from by demanding a higher recognition for the humanities. After switching from a technical program like interior architecture to a humanities-based major like English, the amount of questions about what I am going to do with an English degree and if I know that and English degree won’t get me anywhere started pouring in. In all honesty, this freaked me out a bit; after being in a program for three years where I already had a predetermined career path to switching in my final year of college to something that would allow me to choose almost any career that I wanted,  I had zero answer for any of those questions. But now I realize that those that bash the humanities don’t need an answer and that haters are gonna hate but at least I know that I value everything I have learned in this past school year more so than in my first three years of college.


Until next time.


explore. muse. create.



Davidson, Cathy. “Humanities 2.0: Promise, Perils, Predictions.” PMLA 123.3 (2008): 707-17.


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