Continue Learning and Keep On Failing

Are you craving some inspiration after my short hiatus? Here’s some advice from Pollak’s College to Career to fulfill your every wish:


“Failure stinks. But make no mistake about it: real failure comes from never trying something in the first place” (181).

Right now, I am in the process of putting my cover letters together to send out to potential employers which is the last thing I need to do to start getting my foot in the door in the adult world. This might sound all fine and dandy, but I have been putting this off for a while, and when I say a while, I mean a LONG WHILE. I really think that this has to do with my fear of failure and rejection because I am too worried about not being good enough for a job. This piece of advice from Pollak is something that I really need to take into consideration and keep in mind when I am applying for jobs because in all honesty, I’m failing myself for not even trying.


“Keep learning” (185).

My original plan for after graduation was to go directly into graduate school. Unfortunately for me, the program that I wanted to apply for all started before my graduation date, so I had to put my plan on hold. While I do intend to go back to school in the summer of 2017, I think that Pollak has the right idea with advocating for furthering your education. Taking classes that will help you out in your profession by keeping you up to date with current trends is something that is only beneficial and will put you one step ahead of any potential competition.


Until next time.


explore. muse. create.



Pollak, Lindsey. Getting from College to Career. Revised ed. New York: HarperCollins, 2012. Print.


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