The Connection Cannot Be Broken

I can’t tell you how many times that I have heard people say that the humanities are useless in this day and age and how less attention should be paid to them and more to “technical” studies that will pay off in the future. I can tell you, however, that this is 100% wrong, . . . and I have proof to back it up. In the article entitled “A Manifesto for the Humanities in a Technological Age,” both Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg suggest that there is not a divide between the humanities and technical studies but a collaboration between the two: each one needs the other in order to flourish in this ever-changing world.

For the past three years up until July of 2015, I had been majoring in interior architecture rather than English. I know that from my experiences as an interior architecture student, Davidson’s and Goldberg’s idea is totally accurate. Throughout those three years, not only was I tasked to create innovative interiors, I was also tasked to create presentations for my designs which included written descriptions of my work, summaries of my process, and spoken presentations in front of established professionals. Without drawing on the humanities to accomplish these tasks would have been impossible; like Davidson and Goldberg say, technical studies and the humanities are connected and cannot be separated. I know that through my own personal experience, this statement is true and I hope that others can see that as well so that that humanities no longer suffer.


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Check out the article here!

Davidson, Cathy N., and David Theo Goldberg. “A Manifesto for the Humanities in a Technological Age.” The Chronicle Review 50.23 (2004): B7-B11. Web. <;


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